Hello, my name is Josue Claros aka Josh Claros. I am a Software Engineer and a self-taught Landscape Photographer. I was born in El Salvador, Central America, and raised in Los Angeles, California. I am  currently living in San Diego, California. My passion for photography is driven by my love for music, architecture and art.  However, I am mostly inspired by nature. I have enjoyed the outdoors ever since i was a kid, and camping is one of my favorite hobbies. My favorite subject to shoot is California, a state that is rich in beauty. From deserts to forests, ancient trees, lakes, sand dunes, big cities, small eccentric towns, mountains, and rivers; California has it all and I take great pleasure in traveling around this state and experiencing its many treasures. My love for photography grew from a need to capture and share the beauty that surrounds us in hope of inspiring others to go out and explore places we take for granted. I am enjoying the learning process, I hope you see what you like.

Contact me at: Josh.Claros@gmail.com